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When buying an investment property there are many things to consider and potential pitfalls to avoid.  The Landsdale Property Group team has decades of experience in helping hundreds of people to successfully find and buy their investment properties. 

Through this experience, we have developed a proven and effective Six Step Investment Property Program that removes the stress and uncertainty regarding investing in property.  

Our Property Investment service is comprehensive, professional and personalised to your financial needs and goals so that you can focus on what is important to you. 

The Benefits of our Property Investment Service

There are many advantages in using our Personal Investment service and our Six Step Investment Property Program including:
  • We complete a detailed financial analysis and a broker-confirmed assessment of your comfortable borrowing capacity, 
  • We find investment properties that are matched to your financial situation as well as your goals and objectives.
  • Through our network of relationships, we have access to investment properties that are “off-market” (i.e., properties not available in public listings on real estate sales sites and newspapers).
  • We have relationships with developers and builders that are proven in their trade with long track records (i.e., approved Master Builders, publicly listed companies, or very well-regarded privately owned companies).
  • Our investment property recommendations are supported by independent research.
  • The investment property options that we provide to you cover a range of locations, developments and developers.
  • We also offer you for consideration a number of options of different types of investment properties (i.e., house and land, townhouse, apartment, etc.).
  • We will not recommend an investment property that you cannot afford - we show you property options within your comfortable borrowing capacity and affordable contribution range.
  • Our investment property recommendations are all independently valued during the purchasing process.
  • When it comes to renting your investment property, we have relationships with independent property management companies that are the best in the industry.

Our Fees

Landsdale Property Group believes in transparency when it comes to our clients - there are no hidden fees or charges in the use of our services.  

For our Property Investment services, we earn our money from the properties we research and source for you – this fee is negotiated with our suppliers and disclosed to you as part of the purchasing process.  As part of this process, any property you buy is independently valued by bank approved property valuers so you are not paying “extra” for our services.