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What is a cash flow positive property?

A cash flow positive property is one which enjoys a net gain on the rental of the property after all the costs have been accounted for (e.g., interest on loan costs, land tax, management fees, rates, electricity, depreciation and maintenance).  With cash flow positive properties the rental income you receive is more than all the cash expenses you incur. 

Generally speaking, these properties are of lower value, lower quality and higher rental returns.  They often don’t give you as high capital gains as negatively geared properties, but they can provide you with a regular income.

Is cash flow property really a good investment strategy?

A cash flow positive property is what most investors are looking for – their investment property providing them with a net profit through the rental income rather than a loss.

However, these properties can be hard to find and have a level of risk associated with them, for example, a geographic area or a type of property that you are not familiar with.  

How we can help you

Your property investment strategy should be focused on the long-term to build a valuable asset base from which you can receive a reasonable rental income and realise possible capital gains for retirement.

Whatever property investment strategy you are considering, Landsdale Property Group can help you:

1. Consider your current financial situation and goals.
2. Gain knowledge around property investment options. 
3. Better understand the implications of the property investment process.
4. Support and guide you through finding and purchasing the right property to suit your financial situation and goals.  
5. Realise the benefits of your property investment purchase.