Main Exit Strategies for Property Investors

By Landsdale Property Group on November 17, 2014 in Property News | comments
In investment terms, an exit strategy is all about minimising tax and maximising returns and property investment is no different.  

There are a number of viable exit strategies for property investors - each with their own pros and cons.  With any of these approaches, you can use one or more of them in your property investment journey but it’s essential that you always begin with the end in mind.  In order to do this, we recommend simple tools to help set you up for success:

Build a team of experts around you to give you professional advice
Seek professional help in your initial set up and holding structure
Consider the timing of your exit strategy
Focus on the facts and figures of an investment property 
Look at the long-term, “big” picture of your investment journey

With this in mind, we’ve summarised four main exit strategies for property investors.

Hotspot - Buderim, Sunshine Coast

By Landsdale Property Group on November 17, 2014 in Property Hotspots | comments
Buderim is a suburb in the Sunshine Coast Region of Queensland. The Sunshine Coast covers the seaside urban area stretching from Caloundra in the south to Noosa in the north. It also extends into the Hinterland areas, which include the railway towns like Beerwah and Landsborough and the hill towns such as Montville, Maleny and Mapleton.
Buderim has evolved from a mere holiday destination a decade ago into a full-fledged, desirable residential area. Two years ago, reported that Buderim topped the list of the most searched suburbs in Queensland.  Some of the major reasons for the suburb’s appeal to investors are proximity to the water and Brisbane as well as the existing and planned infrastructure.  The suburb’s attraction is not limited to a single demographic as it is close to a number of reputable schools, the Sunshine Coast University and is very popular for retirees seeking a sea change.